First Investigation of Stream Health

A simple monitoring survey designed for landowners and community volunteers who have recently restored stream side property. Download the app to start documenting your restoration project today.

About FISH

First Investigation of Stream Health is a citizen science based protocol that provides you with the opportunity to track and document the fascinating changes in wildlife and vegetation along your stream while also providing Penn State Extension with valuable information about the benefits of streamside restoration projects.

Getting involved is as easy as downloading the app with your smartphone and logging your observations. By getting involved, you’re helping to quantify the impact of local restoration projects and helping to enhance your local waterway.

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Document your observations of early stage of stream restoration

Our native app for iPhone and Android enables any citizen to track qualitative stream health improvements in the field. Whether recording wildlife observations, identifying macro-invertebrates, or tracking new bank vegetation, FISH ensures that your reports arrive in a complete and actionable format.

No smartphone? No problem!

If you prefer to leave your phone at home and record FISH observations on paper, finish your site report later using our simple web-based form. Just make sure to print out the paper-based FISH Protocol and take it with you! This way you can enjoy the outdoors and save the data entry for when you’re back at your desk.

Your observation counts!

Penn State Extension needs your help and volunteered data to demonstrate the importance of streamside restoration projects. Your observations help to verify and validate the hard work carried out by our tireless restoration professionals. Submitting a FISH report only takes a few minutes and is a great way to support ecological recovery in your local watersheds.